I am a registered Dental Hygienist for over twenty years in the local area. I have treated many patients who have had orthodontic treatment and have seen the long term results. Dr. Nisson’s patients consistently hold their correct occlusion and alignment, with beautiful outcomes. As a hygienist, the occlusion is the most important aspect of orthodontics. I have chosen Dr. Nisson to provide orthodontic care for all four of my children with fantastic results. I would choose Dr. Nisson every time.
–Kristen Stumbaugh, RDH


Dr. Nisson and his staff are all wonderful! My kids and myself are patients of Dr. Nisson. He pays attention to detail and always goes above and beyond to make sure we get the best treatment. As a Dental Hygienist, I know the true value of his work. I recommend Dr. Nisson to everyone!!!
–Mona Kafati, RDH
As a pre-med college student with minimal income and a hectic schedule, I needed a skilled orthodontist who was both affordable and flexible with my busy schedule.

I met several orthodontists throughout the El Dorado Hills, Folsom, and Roseville area. Out of all the orthodontists I met and consultations I attended, Dr. Nisson was BY FAR the most caring and professional. I had a few other orthodontists try and sway me into choosing them by tempting me with much less “brace time” than I actually needed – and although these enticing offers seemed very practical in the short-run, it wouldn’t have been as beneficial. The consultations with other orthodontists were far from enjoyable – they glanced at my teeth for a few minutes, gave me an estimate on total price and time, dismissed me to their front desk staff, and rushed on to their next patient.

Upon arriving at Dr. Nisson’s office, I was kindly greeted by him and his amiable staff. Dr. Nisson carefully examined my teeth for a fair amount of time. He then took complementary x-rays and photographs of my bite in order to see how he was going to approach my specific needs. Within a few days, I received a typed letter in the mail from him with a detailed description of the problems he found with my teeth – a few gaps, shifted molars, crowding, etc. He then explained his recommendation and particular plan of action. NO OTHER ORTHODONTIST TOOK THE TIME TO DO THIS FOR ME!!! At this point, I decided to give Nisson Orthodontics a shot.

I explained my given financial problem, which he completely understood. He offered me a great deal on upper ceramics (the clear white braces way less obvious) and metal ones on my bottom teeth. The personal payment plan was easily doable. I had great experiences every visit with him and his awesome staff for the next 18 months. Honestly, I’m really going to miss seeing them!

Dr. Nisson and Staff, I can’t thank you guys enough for all that you’ve done. It’s been a week since I’ve had my braces off and I’m continually getting compliments on my perfect smile. I’ve never felt so confident and happy. I’m forever grateful!

All in all, I will highly recommend Dr. Nisson to any of my friends and family, and to any of you reading this. Don’t settle for mediocrity…choose an orthodontist that genuinely cares about you!!!

-Adam Sauer


Dr. Nisson is a perfectionist! He doesn’t just do a good job, he does a perfect job! We have been seeing Dr. Nisson for 7 years, since our daughter was 6 years old, and went through 2 phases of orthodontic treatment. Dr. Nisson shaped our daughter’s jaw as it was growing, crafting out the perfect space for her teeth in phase 1. Having this early intervention was critical to her lifelong dental health, allowing her keep more teeth while properly aligning her jaw. In phase 2 (braces), he balanced her teeth for a beautiful smile and a precise bite. He spent several months at the end making sure her smile was exact – something other orthodontics wouldn’t do. Our daughter’s smile is simply gorgeous. I am so thankful we were referred to Dr. Nisson and choose his quality treatment over a cheap orthodontic chain. Dr. Nisson’s office is simply the best orthodontic care – I will be sending all my friends his way. Thank you Dr. Nisson and staff for an amazing orthodontic experience!
–Kim Horn


Dr. Nisson did a wonderful job giving both of my boys smiles to be proud of. His experience, attention to detail, and ability to convey his treatment plan in simple understandable terms were outstanding! Dr. Nisson has a wonderful, and professional staff that was always very friendly, helpful, and accommodating! I would highly recommend Nisson Orthodontics!
— Kelly Rackwitz


Dr. Nisson is gentle, thorough, kind, funny, communicative, helpful, and extremely good at what he does. Over five years ago he designed a plan for my daughter that helped us to understand the process that he would go through with her. When the braces came off, she had a gorgeous smile! His staff is friendly and helpful. I am very glad that we chose him for her orthodontist.
-Marny Youngdahl


My daughter and I have been very pleased with Dr. Nisson and his staff. We have both commented on several occasions, after leaving his office, that we are so glad we picked Dr. Nisson. It was not easy for me to decide on which treatment option to pick for my daughter’s teeth. I researched several competent orthodontists prior to picking Dr. NIsson and there were some differences of opinion on the best treatment option for her particular situation. Once my husband and I sat down and talked to Dr. Nisson about the different options, I felt much more at ease about a treatment plan and was ready to move forward. Along the way, Dr. Nisson was always willing to answer questions and continued to be informative as to her progress.  He was thoughtful, honest and competent in his care. Dr. Nisson’s staff were always friendly, informative and helpful. My daughter now has her braces off. She has a beautiful smile as she always has had, but with straight teeth!  Thank you Dr. Nisson and staff!
–Jennifer Quirk


I highly recommend Dr. Nisson as a knowledgeable and skilled professional orthodontist. I had consultations with three different orthodontists and Dr. Nisson was the obvious choice for me. He took the time to really evaluate my child/son and plan out what would need to be done. He was fairly priced and the office is centrally located. Dr. Nisson is down to earth and easy to communicate with. I asked my son what he thought about Dr. Nisson and his reply was “He knows what he’s doing and he’s quick”. Dr. Nisson and his staff are efficient, understanding and super friendly.
–Joy Chavez


A long long time ago, about what seems like fifteen year’s ago.. I went to doctor Nisson’s for a healthy smile. Present day after all their hard work at the office I can smile proudly. I’d highly recommend anyone in need of an understanding and skilled orthodontist to these guys.
–Curtis Cardoza


We had a great experience at Nisson Orthodontics. The staff is friendly and accommodating. Dr. Nisson is attentive to detail and extremely knowledgeable but also able to relate to teens! I also especially liked the flexibility in terms of scheduling appointments. Thanks again!
–Kevin Gavin
Oh goodness, so many fond memories of Doctor Nisson! I remember getting lectured every single visit for not brushing my teeth well enough. It worked however, because when my braces finally came off, my teeth were stainless and straight! Four years later, I’m off to college and I still love my new smile! I had my braces off by the time they promised, I had minimal discomfort with my braces, and the retainers are made to last. Doctor Nisson is known as the king of orthodontics in El Dorado County and is probably one of the best in all of Northern California. 5/5 would recommend if looking to have a perfect smile.
–Ryan Cook
My daughter’s teeth are beautiful!  We are about 1 month away from her braces coming off and I can’t praise enough the experience we’ve had with Dr. Nisson and his staff.  From flexible scheduling, transparency and education about procedures, to competitive pricing, we’re very happy.   I highly recommend seeing Dr. Nisson if braces are yours or your child’s future.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               –Christine Land
Dr. Nisson made my experience qujte enjoyable.  He and his staff are very wonderful and can schedule appointments to fit my busy schedule.  Now, after only a year, I have a beautiful smile and Nisson Orthodontics to thank for it!
–Lauren Weekly-Wilson

Dr. Nisson has treated three of my five children, and I highly recommend him.  I feel that Dr. Nisson is honest and does not push treatments that are unnecessary or only for cosmetic purpose.  I am extremely happy with the outcome of each of my children’s treatments, which ranged from minor retainer work to full braces.  His entire staff is friendly, professional, conscientious, and fun.  The office itself is clean, pleasant, and comfortable for both adults and children, with good seating, plenty of toys and reading materials, and my personal favorite—a coffee break room!  I am extremely satisfied with every aspect of care that my family has received at Dr. Nisson’s office and give him and his entire team two enthusiastic thumbs up!

–Heather Jackowitz

I’ve been going to Dr. Nisson since I was in elementary school and I am now half way through college. When I first came to Dr. Nisson my teeth were a disaster. I went through two rounds of braces and head gear. It was all worth it because now I get complimented on my “perfect” teeth quite often. I even lost my retainer over a year ago and haven’t worn one since and my teeth are still perfect and straight. Dr. Nisson and his staff put in the effort to make your teeth flawless and the results stick. The staff is also super friendly and after all these years they still remember their customers. I highly recommend Dr. Nisson.
                                                                                                                                                                                           –Becca Bradshaw

Dr. Nisson did a great job for us. He always explained his treatment plan thoroughly so we knew what we were in for with all of our kids. He is obviously very experienced and his results were excellent. The staff is also great, very pleasant to deal with and very helpful. I would recommend Dr. Nisson to any family needing orthodontics, especially complex cases. Dr. Nisson rocks!!

–Mark Redor

After several consultations with orthodontists in the past, I was left with proposed treatment plans that included removing one or more of my bottom teeth to address severe overcrowding.  I had all but given up on the idea that I would some day enjoy a mouth full of aesthetically pleasing teeth (all 32, minus my wisdom teeth!) then, I met Dr. Nisson!  During those initial consultations, Dr. Nisson assured me that I COULD have the smile and alignment that I had hoped for without removing teeth and as they say, the rest is history!Certainly, you would be hard pressed to find someone that said they liked having braces but I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Dr. Nisson and the wonderful staff at Nisson Orthodontics.  From the warm greetings from Barbara and Abby at the front desk to the expert care from the Assistants Jill and Michelle, and the …

–Tom Traweek

“After moving from the bay area to Placerville, I was very concerned about finding a competent and reputable orthodontist for our  two daughters.  After four consultations to orthodontists in the area, finding Dr. Nisson was llike hitting the jackpot!  I am always very particular about choosing a doctor or dentist for my family.  I felt a calming presence as soon as I entered Dr. Nisson’s office.  He is very knowledgeble and worked out an easy plan to achieve the desired results–beautiful teeth and smiles for our girls!  He treats his patients as he would his own children, and that means the world to me. “

— Annete Gierke

When I had a consultation with Dr. Nisson, he told me not only the exact improvements he could make to my smile, but the explanations as to why my teeth had twisted and shifted over the years into what I had come to accept in the mirror. It was because of Dr. Nisson’s honesty, direct approach, and warm bedside manor that I decided to get braces.  From the beginning, Dr. Nisson was clear and patient with me as I asked innumerable questions and ‘what if’s’ about the before, during, and after process of wearing braces. He always gave me his full attention, and his staff were prompt and thorough with responding to my many phone calls throughout the year.

Personally, I did not find wearing braces a hardship, or even very painful. When they came off, on May 28th, 2013, I became a new person. I didn’t just have a beautiful new smile. I had confidence and pride.

In almost two years of enjoying my beautiful new smile, I have had no problems or reversals. I have returned several times to Dr. Nisson’s office, but only to order and pick up additional retainers, and of course for hugs and smiles–I never resist a chance to show off my pearly whites! During every return visit, everyone in the office has been glad to see me, and Dr. Nisson still gives me his full attention for any little ‘what if’ question I may have. I can’t recommend Dr. Nisson highly enough, and I thoroughly encourage anyone who has yearned for self-esteem reflected in their smile to make an appointment for a consultation. It just might change your life.

–E.D. Plotkin

My daughter, Marissa, now has the most beautiful smile, thanks to Dr. Nisson and his amazing staff! She had sensory processing difficulties and was extremely hypersensitive to feelings/sensations in the gum and mouth area. I was deeply concerned about how well she would handle having braces put on her teeth. Dr. Nisson and his staff have been so wonderful in understanding our situation and in the caring and professional way in which they all supported my daughter through her treatment plan. I’m so grateful to them and highly recommend Dr. Nisson and his staff to everyone and most especially to any parent of a child who may struggle with similar issues.

— Craig Walker

“Dr. Nisson treated both of my sons who each had difficult cases. They were both referred to Dr. Nisson because their cases were so complex. We received excellent care. He is extremely good at his profession, and the staff is amazing! Thank you all!”

— Lynne Scrogins

“I would like to thank Dr. Nisson for the excellent job he did with my sons orthodontic care.  My son had a congenital condition that caused two of his teeth to never come in.  He did not like to smile for pictures.  Because of the beautiful job Dr. Nisson did on his teeth, we now have a senior portrait with a terrific smile!”

— Pam Gish

“Dr. Nisson always took time to answer my questions.  He was always very professional and we never had to wait long to be seen.  Dr. Nisson did a wonderful job with braces for my two daughters and my wife.  All three have beautiful smiles.  We definitely made the best decision by choosing Dr. Nisson. “

— Derek Bills

“Wonderful place to have your teeth straightened.  Such great staff, too!!!”

— Spencer Harrison

I got my braces off about two years ago and I had braces for a little over two years.  Dr. Nisson makes sure that everything with my smile is as close to perfect as possible.  He was always professional and he and his staff actually took the time to get to know you and your family.  They didn’t keep you waiting long and made sure to explain everything before they did it and to make sure that you were comfortable.  Thanks Dr. Nisson!!!

-Rebekah Woodel

We are so pleased with Cassidy’s new smile!  Cassidy had a crossbite and overbitethat made it so that none of her teeth came together except her molars.  Surgery was the recommended treatment which we wanted to avoid.  Dr. Nisson was able to get incredible results without surgery.   We couldn’t be happier with the results!

-Jennifer Magee

Dr. Nisson and his staff are amazing! I had the best experience here from day one. Everybody was always so nice and positive, even about the painful parts of braces! If I ever needed anything, they did the best they could to fit me in and fix what ever it was. If I ever needed anything to do with my braces again, this would be the first place I go. More than pleased with my experience here. Thank you thank you thank you!

-Kristen Teehee

I just completed the Invisalign treatment under the care of Dr. Nisson. I am so pleased with my results and it was such a positive experience. It is also worth noting that my 36 year old daughter was one of Dr. Nisson’s first patients in the early 1990’s . Ten years later, approximately 2000, my now 26 year old son became an othodontic patient of Dr. Nisson.  I strongly recommend Dr. Nisson and his staff to anyone who is need of a highly qualified and professional orthodontist because of the excellent orthodontic care we all received.

-Karen Page

Such a great office to work with. The staff is always friendly. Dr. Nisson is very knowledgeable and did an amazing job with my daughters smile. Affordable pricing and reasonable payment plans. We had an amazing experience and highly recommend this office for any and all orthodontic needs!

-Vanessa Windmiller

If you need your teeth straightened, don’t go to anyone but Dr. Nisson. He is simply the best — knowledgeable, friendly & spends a lot of time explaining everything that will be done during the course of treatment. At my initial consultation, he spent well over an hour showing me pictures and going through the whole process. His entire office staff is terrific, the environment is one of warmth and respect for one another, and I love the music they play! You will also get a kick out of Dr. Nisson’s laugh which you will hear often.
I have just come out of braces and my teeth are amazing I think; I am overjoyed with the results. Thank you, Dr. Nisson and everyone in your office for making this experience a positive one.

-Sue McDavid

Dr. Nisson is a kind and very professional man. He’s quick to work with, and every appointment feels as though you’ve been waited for and is pre-prepared. Not only that, but he does great work! My teeth are amazing now. Thank you Dr. Nisson!

-Vincent Cancilla

Always very friendly and flexible with my busy schedule. Great service the whole time. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

-Ben Thomas

I went to Dr. Nisson when I was younger and he did a wonderful job straightening my teeth with regular braces! He did such a great job that my brother even had braces from Dr. Nisson and I even went back to him this year because I wasn’t the best patient and stopped wearing my retainer so my teeth slightly shifted (wear your retainer, people!).

This year, Dr. Nisson ended up applying lingual braces (behind my teeth) and I loved it. I had several consultations this time around with orthodontists in the Sacramento area (which was closer to where I lived), but none of them compared to Dr. Nisson. I work in Davis and Dr. Nisson did such a great job with my brother and I that I drove all the way to Cameron Park (about an hour drive) for my lingual braces.

He pays attention to the little details and explains things very well to his patients. He goes above and beyond to give the best treatment to his patients and the staff members at Dr. Nisson’s office are also great! They were all so friendly and helpful and they made the whole experience even better.  I’m loving my smile thanks to Dr. Nisson!!

Alyssa Marks

Three of us now have been patients of Dr. Nisson, including two teenagers with traditional braces and an adult with Invisalign. Dr. Nisson is friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. He is always thinking ahead, making adjustments in preparation for the next step. He is also patient with teenagers who occasionally break a bracket by absentmindedly biting on hard candy (oops!) 🙂 He takes the time to go beyond a “good” result, and works to fine tune your bite to achieve the best result possible for the long term. His pricing is competitive, his office staff is lovely, and all of his assistants are just incredible!

-Kim Stewart

My experience with Dr. Nisson came when my daughter was almost finished with her braces with Dr. Nisson. My wife mentioned my Sleep Apnea with him during one of my daughters visits. At that time Dr. Nisson had began conducting some research for a more permanent fix for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. As someone who didn’t do well with a CPAP machine this was good news. At first the next five years seamed like a long time but it went faster than I expected.
After three years with braces to align my bite and straighten my teeth I had Orthognathic Surgery to move my upper and lower jaws forward to open my airway. This worked as I could breath better almost immediately after the procedure. I continued wearing braces for another year after that. I could not have had a more dedicated and conscientious group of people to go through something like this with. I sleep better than ever and not to mention my bite is perfect now as I can chew food without having my cheeks getting bit. Thank you Dr. Nisson and wonderful support staff for your efforts to help those of us in need of your expertise!

-James Tait

Dr. Nisson always took time to answer my questions. He was always very professional and we never had to wait long to be seen. Dr. Nisson did a wonderful job with braces for my two daughters and my wife. All three have beautiful smiles.  We definitely made the best decision by choosing Dr. Nisson. 

-Derek Bills

Love Dr Nisson! Nice office staff too!

-Chandra Schreck

My entire family has gone to Dr. Nisson for orthopedic procedures and we love his work. The entire staff is kind, professional and always available when you have a question.

Dr. Nisson takes the time to know his patients and goes above and beyond. He even provides his personal phone number if an emergency arises.

I highly recommend Nisson Orthodontics.

-Tisha Moyer

My daughter’s teeth are beautiful! We are about 1 month away from her braces coming off and I can’t praise enough the experience we’ve had with Dr. Nisson and his staff. From flexible scheduling, transparency and education about procedures, to competitive pricing, we’re very happy. See Dr. Nisson if braces are in your/your child’s future.

-Christine Land

Dr. Nisson is very caring and professional orthodontist. It is always a pleasure going to his office.  The  staff makes you feel very welcome and they get you in and out!  Both of my boys, my sister and I have all been treated or are being treated by Dr. Nisson.

-Shelley Volpendesta

Robert tells corny jokes, he also did a wonderful job on my teeth.

-Rachel Schieberl

So much thanks to a wonderful, friendly staff – my teeth are so beautiful and straight now!

-Kathryn Carruth

Dr. Nisson, thanks so much for the great work you did on our daughter!!!Two Thumbs UP!!!

-Ron Pizer

My teeth look awesome and they are the best.

-Jared Drake